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WHAT What do I see?: A triptych of photographs. Three black and white photographs, each showing a body in a form that is not clear. There are black and white lines on the bodies that can help with understanding the plastic of the form. The black lines disappear into the background, which is pitch-black with no elements to tell you about the surrounding and the place the body is put. You can recognise a hand, an arm, a leg, but they are not connecting as they were supposed to. On none of the pictures is a trace of a head. A line of underpants can be seen on one of the bodies and it looks like lace.

HOW It started as a school project, where we had to translate one photograph by our choice into our language with a photographic media. I picked a young photographer Lukasz Wierzbowski. He shoots on colour film, almost always using flash. He puts the actor into positions unusual for every day, like hanging on a fence like a towel or shoving their head into a bush. I picked a photo where a girl is lying on the floor with her head under a rug, there is a leak of sunshine falling on her hands. First I just copied the photo to come closer to understanding it. After it slowly started drifting away from the original. For ending a project I booked a studio at school where I set up a grey background and the flash with a window blind in front of it and put my model in the middle. We started shooting, and when he got comfortable with a camera I asked him to start dancing, trying to imagine that he is a plastic bag being tossed around by the wind, hitting stuff, transforming into every state a bag can get to (crushed, scraped, inflated,..). For finishing up the photos I edited them and deleted some details of the space.

WHY I was working on the project at the time when I did not know where my path was taking me. I felt a bit lost and confused about the future,.. like a plastic bag in the wind. Faceless portraits felt familiar. Still do. Uncertainty of location of the body in its pitch dark surrounding forces to focus on the subject.

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