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To Read

  • Syed Mustafa Ali (2016), A brief introduction to decolonial computing
  • Ramon Amaro (2019), Artificial intelligence: Warped, colorful forms and their unclear geometries
  • Sylvia Wynter (2015), On Being Human as Praxis -- interview with Katherine Mckittrick
  • Denise Fereira Da Silva (2016), 'On difference without separability'
  • Katherine Mckittrick, Mathematics Black Life
  • Noah Tsika (2016), CompuQueer: Protocological Constraints, Algorithmic Streamlining, and the Search for Queer Methods Online
  • Anaïs Nony (2017), Technology of Neo-Colonial Epistemes
  • Wendy Hui Kyong Chun (2009), Race and/as Technology; or, How to Do Things to Race
  • Sara Ahmed and Anne-Marie Fortier, "Re-imagining communities", in International Journal of Cultural Studies 2003, Volume 6(3): 251–259.
  • Alexis Pauline Gumbs and Julia Roxanne Wallace, Black Feminist Calculus Meets Nothing to Prove: A Mobile Homecoming Project Ritual toward the Postdigital

Watched / Listened

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Interest in synchonization (in conflict) and the problem that can occur (power, overwriting, linked to the MOOCs - colonial pasts and neoliberal futures-) Michael Murtaugh article sync vs conflict