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Possibilities of the project:

  • synthesizer module as an interface: the cover and connectivitiy to the other modules (interrelationality)
  • possibilities and limitations of both software and hardware
  • connecting modules augments the possibilites > modularity = Great affordance

What do I want to do with it? How can I create meaningful content "beyond the bleep bleep machine" and how to avoid that the module rules me?
Why do we use a module?? What does it mean?? How is it related to INTERFACE?

In relation to linguistics

  • direction of sound (m inwards, s outwards)
  • letters that can or can't control tonality (M vs S)
  • Meaning in individual letters and structure of language

Ideas & references for self-directed research

  • Tokyo station names converted to sound: physical place in sound in case a commuter is not able to read the station names
  • The concept of invisible people (components) working for you inside a black box. What are 'they' doing for you? How to create awareness (or not?)
  • digital speech synthesis, making kind of working noises (that appear in the workplace)
  • laquer cut technique > field recordings cut directly into vinyl. This was also used as a communication tool; audio postcard (original or reproduction?)
  • transfering data trough sounds (transferred over radio)