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Introduction (Wednesday 22 April)


Collective reading

The plot of her undoing – Saidiya Hartman

Annotation session:

Episode 5: Apple & Google Partner to Promote Coronavirus Contact Tracing. Should You be Worried? Featuring Seda Gurses




"Everybody respected him because he had something different and everybody could hear it and see it, but they couldn't do it" > authenticity (costumes, experience, myth, imaginary) 
"In my music I speak about unknown things, impossible things, ancient things, potential things"
"What you say has many meanings. it means only what you understand that it means, but that doesnt limit what it actually means"
"A catalyst changes everything, but remains unchanged"
"you are all instruments, everybody is supposed to be playing his part in this vast artistry of the cosmos"
Experienced next to inexperienced 
You can’t have music that doesn’t have ugly in it

For Ra, myth is what poet Jay Wright calls a “mode of knowledge”; it is a “medium to understanding” that is quite closely linked to the grand events of the day.


  • Propagating: plant a seed and continue to take it to the next level
  • Aware of the notion of impossibility: and how it shapes idea's (imagination)
  • soundscape of quotes and word with different layers of meaning
  • anatomy of mythos
  • creating an imaginary vision that is collective
  • 'renaming'


  • isolation vs imagination (space travel)
  • power of sci-fi
  • notion of 'ghosts'
  • epistemological systems in the west as dominant - impossible in a certain mindset and frame
  • some cultures have other mindsets (instead of the Age of Enlightenment and humanism as central)
> Extracting things from the earth: (colonialism, violence, capitalism)

Session with Aymeric on DUB music (and remix culture)

free culture:

capitalize this free media (platforms) mediaplatform serving content: - ideologisch projecten - lost of faith (?)

"Others will make money from it"

free culture: for and by the community (Does that really exist?)

dub paradox:

materialisatiion of cultural differentiation


  • how do you find ways to reprogram yourself:
  • peeling the layers what is given (whats is stake for you and your community?)

prepper mindset: 'critical practice;

  • motivated not to be in the last
  • create alternatives network of care

challenge: autonomy infrastructure & reflection

we can try to figure out what to do with these skills and knowledge:
how to turn it into something else that circulates in a gallery or media festival?
we can come up with our own platforms?
more precarity and


building alternatives you can own and maintain
Freedom outside commercial tech giants
Do you want to end up in the 'hall of fame' or want to be mentioned as someone who was at the good side and did super interesting thing?


  • How do we approach something? (rethinking how we can do this otherwise)
  • different types of otherwises: critically thinking about damages

In environmental damage: how do people live with this, instead of trying to fix

  • f.e. organisms that flourish from damage
  • survival and energy that is enforced after damage is done


  • destabilizing > embracing and not fix it!
  • anti normative approach
  • queering: what it's supposed to do (not what normative)
  • rejecting to normativity
  • other logic of causality:
  • entanglement

Queer politics: surviving with damage
Taking an object and look at what it does in a work, and imagine an alternative (transfeminist thinking)

Damages: damaging for who?

  • damage to some, but some may flourish
  • cohabitation?

Reparation versus repair!

  • closely related terms but diffirent acts and goals:
  • reparation: fixing what is broken
  • repair: bring back in old state

what is going on here?

    -which are the agents implied? alive or not, human or not, powerful or powerless

    -wheres? spatiality / situatedness / displacements / distribution

    -whens? temporality / durability / existing / extinct / repeated

    -semiotic-materialities: what signs and matters are at work in this ensemble?

    -your entanglement with the scene

    -can a pattern be identified here? to what extent is this damage structural, or singular?

Tutorial with Femke Snelting (19.05.2020)


clock of the long now:

  • rethinking: what we can achief next rather than, improve what we have when we look back
  • ticks every once in a thousand year (ignores materiality of time)
  • ignores the fact that technology are inherently social
  • power of imagination as: todays lack of mythos
  • too far ahead: abstraction > don't act!?

These temporal feats alert us that the time of modernity is not the only kind of time, and that our metronomic synchrony is not the only time that matters.

'trembling with the earth' : understanding the current situation (situated knowledges and entanglements)

rethinking practical tool implentations:

  • specifiek: stream timeslider?
  • altijd aan? / uitzending?
  • niet kunnen doorspoelen?
  • alt volume bars (to normalize or not?)
  • jigles: ritme

Cybernetics: > zeevaart/navigatie mogelijk door de klok > ritme klok / ritme als energie > drang naar consistentie

Refuse image of lineair relation: - interconnected systems - imaginary: advocating for anti violent practice - No memory - forced diaspora


“Post-truth” gives up on materialism. It gives up on what I’ve called semiotic materialism: the idea that materialism is always situated meaning-making and never simply representation. These are not questions of perspective. They are questions of worlding and all of the thickness of that. Discourse is not just ideas and language. Discourse is bodily. It’s not embodied, as if it were stuck in a body. It’s bodily and it’s bodying, it’s worlding. This is the opposite of post-truth. This is about getting a grip on how strong knowledge claims are not just possible but necessary — worth living and dying for.

Worlding: het maken van de wereld (werelds zijn) > Harraway probeert te denken dat realiteiten en werelden niet per definitie bestaan (Situated knowlegdes)

Los van spreken denken, schrijven : hierme 'maken' we de wereld > realiteiten zijn gesitueerd! Niets abstracts zonder materialeit

Worlding examples:

Kritische omgang met computers:

  • alsof er geen materiele consequenties zijn.
  • alsof er geen relatie is tussen materiaal en werking / gebruik / functie
  • materiaal komt ergens vandaan en gaat ergens naar toe
  • computer werkt met met electronen: warmte speelt een rol etc

Materialiteit weg organiseren:

  • gaat in tegen het idee dat we door binairiteit kun je efficient computers maken
  • efficient computing?
  • How commercial software works and shaped our thinking?

Belofte: op een andere manier wereld kan maken

  • geen leger nodig maar soms science finction (gedicht, sci-fi)


DONNA HARRAWAY 'a-giant-bumptious-litter'

Swarming Monday #2: RADICAL SOFTWARE



To Read

  • Syed Mustafa Ali (2016), A brief introduction to decolonial computing
  • Ramon Amaro (2019), Artificial intelligence: Warped, colorful forms and their unclear geometries
  • Sylvia Wynter (2015), On Being Human as Praxis -- interview with Katherine Mckittrick
  • Denise Fereira Da Silva (2016), 'On difference without separability'
  • Katherine Mckittrick, Mathematics Black Life
  • Noah Tsika (2016), CompuQueer: Protocological Constraints, Algorithmic Streamlining, and the Search for Queer Methods Online
  • Anaïs Nony (2017), Technology of Neo-Colonial Epistemes
  • Wendy Hui Kyong Chun (2009), Race and/as Technology; or, How to Do Things to Race
  • Sara Ahmed and Anne-Marie Fortier, "Re-imagining communities", in International Journal of Cultural Studies 2003, Volume 6(3): 251–259.
  • Alexis Pauline Gumbs and Julia Roxanne Wallace, Black Feminist Calculus Meets Nothing to Prove: A Mobile Homecoming Project Ritual toward the Postdigital

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