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Decoloniality & Film

Close reading of the film:

- Narrative structure

- Chapters

- Character bio's

- Formal strategies, tools

Audiovisual Sovereignty

A sovereign state or nation - autonomous, has it's own government, the decisions and the power belongs to the people.

How do you present people without making them the 'others'?

- Recognising the different perspective, backgrounds, forms of oppression within community.

Audiovisual sovereignty:

- Taking responsibility for owns gaze. Not taking 'objectivity' for granted.

- Communicating from where the gaze comes.

Humanism - enlightenment, all humans are equal...

Post-humanism - a way to go further. All humans are NOT the same. Also considering technology

Worms (Donna Haraway text) - composting, creating life. Creating nurture out of destruction

Kin - family, relative - making relationships with non-humans, spirits. Considering that we are all related to all the living spiecies.

ANTHROPOCENE - mankind era. Geological time where humans are causing the geological change.

Capitalocene - capitalism + Anthropocene

Plantationocene - plantation + Anthropocene

Chuthulucene - underworld era, bugs, creatures

'She has coined not one, but two words to describe this historical epoch: the “Chthulucene” breaks down the hierarchy between the human and nonhuman worlds, while the “Plantationocene” connects the climate crisis to specific economic and political practices of exploitation.'