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18000 Worlds

I'm very excited to have had the possibility to visit the exhibition of Saodat Ismailova in the Eye Museum in Amsterdam.

I did not know this artist before, and now I realized that this artist can be a relevant inspiration for my practice as S. Ismailova's work is very much focused on her cultural identity, heritage, rituals, myths and tradition.

By creating around the themes of dreams and rituals of everyday life, Ismailova brings attention to societal issues such as position of women and the disappearance of ecosystems.

The history of Central Asia is also important part of her work. Ismailova reflects in resulting loos of culture, language, generations, landscapes onf local traditions and customs. At the same time she shows what has survived - rich spiritual world and deep sense of connection.

She often uses found footage - from the earliest silent Uzbek films to the Soviet films that influenced the development of Central Asia cinema.