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War On Social Media - Grandma Edition

is a lightweight, colourful, quirky (short) experimental documentary about old/er adults on social media, focusing on feelings and interactions. I got inspired to make this project by observing my grandma’s (71) behaviour on social media (Facebook) as she’s a huge stalker of her ex-husbands and gets mad if someone from the family likes a picture that he posted and turns it into this silent war on likes, posts emotional images and is pretty addicted by now (also joined a club where they teach elderly to use smartphones (better)). My other grandma (79) has never been on the internet, still has the button phone, yet claims she would like to write some comments on daily news posts, and I’m sure she would be a huge internet troll.

Why make it?

I think a lot has been already said and explored about the general effects of social media, but I would like to focus on the side of the people who have suddenly entered this new online world of relationships after spending the majority of life offline.


1. Observing grandma’s posts on Facebook, talking to her about what’s going through in her head; collecting screenshots and maybe some related found footage.

2. Stalking fb group ‘Vienišų Senjorų Grupė ‘(Single Senior‘s Group).

3. Talking to my internet-free grandma, scrolling through my Facebook feed together, asking her to write her comments on a sheet of paper.

4. (In the ideal situation) Organising a workshop for the seniors to create heartwarming videos (as they do with images (see example))


No timetable. Do this project on the side of my ‘serious project’, on my free time, not pushing it, collecting material when feeling like it.[<< S:please imagine it is a real project with a deadline]

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