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Graduation Show "Tempted by Tomorrow" - Hofpoort: Hofplein 20, Rotterdam (3 - 12 July 2015)


The Aesthetics of Ethics is a research-based project on social documentary photography. It reflects on the way social matters get to be portrayed and on what this protocol of representation might say about citizenship, ethics or political consciousness. The installation attempts to unfold the documentary format as a map of human value(s) upon which social judgment might be done. The installation includes deconstructed photographs, printed on four layers of Plexiglas (30 mm distance from each other). Each layer displays a particular amount of information about the topic / people portrayed, next to the original publication in which the photographs were found.

Below: visual mapping of references and excerpt of the thesis (projected in the exhibition)

LM 01.jpgLM 03.jpgLM 04.jpgLM 05.jpgLM 02.jpgLM 06.jpg