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Magritte Revisited

A camera installed on the back wall records the visitor from behind and plays it live in front of him on an HD screen. The image displayed should be as sharp as possible (...) The drive behind this installation is related with the bias 'I' and 'other' properly explored by the media as two autonomous spheres, splitting individual and collectivity. Isn't this fundamental for the progressive loss of political awareness? (...) <Read more>

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Social Surveillance and Individual Power

Gallery space: one of the display stations gives full control over the camera set in the middle of the room, allowing the user to have a global visual access, with different levels of detail (zoom) to all works in display and other visitors whereabouts


In other room the footage from the surveillance camera would be displayed next to the footage made from the user manipulating it(hidden camera next to the station). The screens are next to each other. The visitors in this room can follow live the voyeuristic drive from the user at the surveillance station (add images)

LMoura surveillance 0.jpg LMoura surveillance 1.jpg LMoura surveillance 3.jpg LMoura surveillance 4.jpg