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Saint Patrick

I bind me today, God’s might to direct me, God’s power to protect me, God’s wisdom for learning, God’s eye for discerning, God’s ear for my hearing, God’s word for my clearing. God’s hand for my cover, God’s path to pass over, God’s buckler to guard me, God’s army to ward me, Against snares of the devil, Against vice’s temptation, Against wrong inclination, Against men who plot evil, Anear or afar, with many or few. Christ near, Christ here, Christ be with me, Christ beneath me, Christ within me, Christ behind me, Christ be o’er me, Christ before me. Christ in the left and the right, Christ hither and thither, Christ in the sight, Of each eye that shall seek me, In each ear that shall hear, In each mouth that shall speak me— Christ not the less In each heart I address. I bind me today on the Tribune—I call, With faith in the Trinity—Unity—God over all. Amen.