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Prototypes for live size installations on body awareness

01 - The human template corridor is a literal application of a body mould for a pathway. It grew out of a research on the loss of materiality in the design and experiencing of architecture and it ended up on a template that embraces oppressively the user's body. The installation calls on the conflict between a metrical/functional ideal and a physical or emotional misfit. Why are Ideal measurements for architecture, that tightly comply with those of the human body and its possible range of movements (actions), increasingly detached from sensorial value?

02 - The three boxes have different soft materials and a visitor has to rub his/her body against it in order to go through. Surface microphones installed along it record and play live, substantially amplified, the sound produced by this contact. Once again it is about bringing the boundaries of space to a tactile level and make the user aware of the consequences produced by his/her own presence within it (...)


LMoura model-1.jpg LMoura model-2.jpg LMoura model-4.jpg LMoura model-5.jpg