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sequence of static shots. Feeling of actual journal. descriptive. Accurate: constant reference to a date and hour. it feels like most of the sounds fit the footage, but in certain occasions the mixture of both sound and image is too puzzling to be real, like the pouring rain on a lake and the sound of birds tweeting at minute 29 in 'London'. Looks like the sound is the one interfering with the smooth surface of the lake.

the voice of the narrator is captivating; it took me a while to realize that my difficulty to follow the story had mostly to do with the fact that there was actually no story line putting all the facts and bits of events together. What creates the narrative is the apparent rigor of the narrator on time, sequence and location of the events. It sounds so organized that all the rest can perfectly aggregate around it: sudden emotions, political facts, history or myths.

the still images are mostly very beautiful, but the best is the variety of it. The similar way in which so many different things get to be portrayed, and the funny curiosity that leads the characters through the most improbable places.

all the places appear to have the potential to be meaningful.