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The code generates a print screen every minute for an hour and saves it as a JPEG. Once the code runs out the images are converted into a gif file (imagemagik) providing an overview of the work carried on during this short period of time. The objective is to use this tool to document a process rather than a product. Its useful to trace back procedures, webpages or reflect on working flow and general research choices.

to work out: Control over the speed of display in order to read the lines; right now the gif just gives a vertiginous insight of what I was busy with for an hour without allowing actual access to the information.

from PIL import ImageGrab

import datetime, time

start = ()

now =

intervalo = now - start

while intervalo.total_seconds()<= 3600:

    now =

    intervalo = now-start

    print intervalo

    im = ImageGrab.grab()

    printscreen = str(now.strftime("%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M"))+'.jpg'


#thanks Lucia

this gif is a lower quality version: "convert test.gif -fuzz 30% -layers Optimize result.gif"

Luisamoura prtsc compact.gif