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download image download extension

electronic device (portable, small, home cloud), convert router to server

add extension to chrome settings. enable developer mode. load unpack extension.

we can 'save as' any page done in superglue in our own server

(possible to play around with, but there is no wireless still)

- connected -

play with text and image boxes to add a new window we just click and drag a window open with the cursor

the router/server that we are about to use is: D_link (DIR-505)

in superglue client plug-in, software platform: information, discussion/feedback (sign in)


collaborative work? javascript. system browser. access to list of elements. access to code. editing code live change


Pharo? interface reference. tutorials. check

switch the device to 'router AP'

name of our device: dlink 2CBA password this device: hmxwx52741

(wait for a green light on it)

connect to (default address almost all routers?)

interface, not pretty. (printscreens Michaela)

upload the 'image' in 'firmware', 'firmware upgrade' (stored in documents/pzart/workshops/superglue/openwrt-ar71xx-generic-dir-505-a1-squashfs-factory.bin) after this is done the system will reboot. the device will go temporarily 'red' and then gets ok again. once it restarts we get a new wireless network available that has the same name of our device with the prefix 'superglue' if the process of upgrading firmware goes wrong (temporary lack of power, wireless connection or a frequency interference) the device goes dead.

server: wireless superglue 2cba

we can go 'edit', upload images, include them (select and press 'confirm button') and then we 'save as' with a new name. we have to add '.html' to the end of the name. Its a gap on the 'image', it shouldn't be necessary, but in this case we have to do it. Otherwise the page will get saved locally instead of being uploaded in the server. or it might not work at all.

we can only create new windows (click and drag open with cursor) outside the grid space of editing and when NO menu is active (visible).