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Speaker Erick -

Role and nature of creative commons | Copyright “free Mickey” Illegal download = download communism Is there a shift from competition to co-operation? Connective media + global interdependency “The penguin and the Leviathan” (Yochai Benkler) Cooperation VS self-interest (Harvard) “Synthetic overview of the collaborative economy” P2P foundation “The wealth of the Commons – a World beyond Market and State” (David Bollier and Silke Helfrich) Creation through distinction / identity, not exclusion Only true innovation survives - more visibility for new comers

Speaker Aymeric Mansoux

Step by step diagram (on a pad) about the actors involved in the creation, use, trade and research of software. Who wins what and who pays what; sponsored brainstorms within peers. How complex is the system of labor and revenue? What does it mean to use for free, to create for free?

WORKSHOP Each group is given a set of texts to reflect upon, discuss and translate into a physical output (display in the New Institute). Our group was given texts about a variety of relationships, from monogamy to anarchy, and about the historical context of the copyright law. The theme is therefore about possession, ownership and protocols. An extra text was given about a sharing community, the Hutterites.

Notes on authorship, will of sharing, complete sharing, knowledge sharing, creation sharing:

COMMUNITIES OF SHARING - Huterrites Share of possessions | share of beliefs | share of rules Limited amount of members | permanent rewarding | feeling of recognition We are all the same and god is above us. There is a mutual agreement on the impossibility of owning anything individually Inter-surveillance Emulation of the self, salvation purpose

MEDIEVAL PROFESSIONAL STRUCTURE Share among specific fields of knowledge (crafts) Share within one street, within one city (severe punishment: leaking knowledge outside the city walls) Limited amount of members | same culture, belief, geographical location Inter-surveillance

CAPITALISM AND COPYRIGHT Freeing the individual to generate his own value within an open market that he has no overview of. Money is the ultimate value; space is not limited anymore; belief is not linear anymore (…) which are the rules at play? The individual becomes the only one he can count down on and therefore he must protect his own value (…) copyright law is based on an anthropomorphized metaphor: the family. The author gets to be compared to the father of the family and his works to his children; women as vessels (…)

WEB SHARING AND WEB COMMUNITIES What is the value of a work without authorship? In how far are we willing to share, what are we willing to share and with whom? If when looking at communities’ behavior we realize that the ultimate sharing relates with high restrictions regarding nature of what is shared, amount of individuals, common cultural background and inter-surveillance, how can we think about open web sharing? (…)

OUTPUT FOR DISPLAY Installation (panels in Plexiglas, laser cut of a pattern made of a repeated human icon, some of these icons get connected with a red tread): repeated sharing among the same amount of individuals generating strongly defined strings and loose connection among further away and isolated individuals. What is the actual effect of protocol sharing among communities and of random trade of any data among independent units? Is there such a distinction? Is personal context still meaningful on the sharing of data, knowledge and artwork?