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Common notes - Nikos, Caetano and Lucia

PARTICIPATORY SURVEILLANCE / PARTICIPATORY CAPITALISM Discipline, Control and the current state of Internet

Super Panopticon (post fordist society) : Mark Poster (Foucault and database) database: the organisational principle that calls us to explain, organize ourselves major change in the way records are kept (we participate and share) surveillance without a particular space non scopic surveillance devices Data as a lens for surveillance.

MODERN AGE: body is transformed into particular spaces (disciplinary spaces): Education,military, factory, hospital, prison. The more compliant the body, the more efficient it will be. Efficiency is gained through codification of time- space (time code=>gives individual ranking, space code=> gives individual space) The body s no longer subject to the will of a ruler but a disciplinary system.

CLASSIC AGE 17/18 century: the body is a subject of power through punishment Enlightenment: introduced the idea of a state that looks after us



Education and punishment (reform) - the function of discipline society is to train the self - define a normalization standard, common sense - we are not surprised, it becomes kind of obvious - the notion of social construction the body is situated

- observation-surveillance - normalisation/ judgement - examination (classification, punishment, diagnose)

Panopticum (industrialisation) internalization of discipline – you are possibly being watched panopticon inspired by Jeremy Bentham 's penitentiary panopticon

Disciplinary spaces: prison- school-hospital-factory-church (family) make us eternalize control, follow norms

Disciplinary systems: surveillance, discipline, ranking and self-regulation. Bad side: we are 'cogs in a machine'. Good side: systems of health care and education, for example, are introduced which increase our efficiency but also improve our well being. Nevertheless our individuality in constructed (by elements that are external for us)

“Means of correct training” development of a common idea of what’s normal; Observation / Examination / Normalization Muybridge studies on human movement and anatomy Cesare Lombroso typology of criminals. Stereotyping normality.

-governmentality distribution of power - the distribution of bodies in time and space


Deleuze celebrity- neoliberal, performing subject, performance subject essential to get visibility we become commodity, the production of the individual as commodity we sell ourselves non scopic surveillance devices


We live in Public – documentary about dot-com entrepreneur Josh Harris and his project/experiment called Pseudo.

Pseudo: website live streaming audio / video programs. 1999/2000, participants in a house NYC - selection process. Free stay, free food. In return, performance and term agreements (rights).

Reality TV programs. The winner becomes a celebrity.

Facebook - 'mass celebrity environment'. Same ‘free playground’ structure in return for content/data.