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Luis Luján

/lwɪs loo-HAHN/ 🇲🇽

Luis portrait by Cesar

Graduate Seminar

Luis Luján - Thesis outline

Reading, Writing & Research Methodologies

Luis' Text on Practice 2022 (third draft, June 2022)

Luis Interview - R&R

What/How/Why - The abandoned house

Short experimental text on practice

Self portrait exercise

Self Reflection

Archontic analysis of concepts, resources and projects

Reading list

Decolonialidad & migration

Esferas de la insurrección. Apuntes para descolonizar el inconsciente. Suely Rolnik

Migration As Decolonization. Tendayi Achiume

The Figure of the Migrant. Stanford University Press. Thomas Nail. Notes.

Vistas of Modernity – decolonial aesthesis and the end of the contemporary. Rolando Vázquez

Ethics & participatory art

A Restless Art: How Participation Won, and why it Matters. François Matarasso

Artificial Hells: Participatory Art and the Politics of Spectatorship. Claire Bishop

Ethics - Edited by Walead Beshty

Ethics and Participatory Art - Arlene Goldbard, François Matarasso


Critique in Practice Renzo Martens‘ “Episode III: Enjoy Poverty - Anthony Downey (Ed.)

ReFocus: The Films of Pedro Costa: Producing and Consuming Contemporary Art Cinema - Nuno Barradas Jorge

Hauntology & horror genre

Borders and ghosts - Nermin Sayibasili

A glossary of haunting - Eve Tuck and C. Ree

The Philosophy of Horror - Noel Carroll


A Weak Messianic Power Figures of a Time to Come in Benjamin, Derrida, and Celan - Michael G. Levine

On the Concept of History - Walter Benjamin