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Current skill set

Software-wise I'm only an experienced user of proprietary software like Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. I have also worked with Adobe Premiere and Soundbooth, although I cannot say I'm "fluent" in any of them. I've had a small introduction to Python using Nodebox, which was my first contact ever with a programming language. I have also some very basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

What I want to develop

I'm interested in better understanding how networks function, how they are affected by and affect social structures, as well as their potencial to bring about change. Getting more fluent in new media studies I will be able to better position my work and to better formulate its goals. I want to be able to construct a bridge between my interest in social issues and my design practice, and I think that process is deeply connected with having more control over my tools, because this aspect, too, carries with it deep political/ethical implications. In order to achieve this goal, I want to develop my programming skills and, very plainly said, my basic understanding on how computers really work. This, of course, in light of the social context within which they appear and develop, because only then will I be able to begin to grasp their full potential in helping my work get richer.