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Steve Golin, Gondry’s producer and friend, said: “Michel just doesn’t like convention. They have been making movies for over a hundred years, and a lot of the ways they do things is because they work... You don’t realize how smart these ways are until you try to do it in another way and you realize those things are done for a reason”.

After this statement Gondry says that he couldn’t disagree more with his friend’s opinion and the elaborate a number of reasons why people don’t try new systems: They like safety, admitting the new system is better means admitting they were using one that was worse for so long, people are lazy, they are jealous because they didn’t think of it...

And I wonder is it necessary to learn and get experience in the standard systems to be able to come up with a new one? The fact of having a background in a less conventional area like music videos does allow to Gondry to question film industry conventions? Should we try to come up with new systems and methods from the beginning or first learn the traditional way and then experiment changing the existing system?