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Final Project

Current plan


Have a look on my thesis page.

Older ideas


I consider it my creative challenge to combine computer techniques with theatre in such a way that they compliment each other. In this work I'm fascinated by revealing the (magnificent) unknown. With this I mean that I want to draw attention to something relatively unknown, but exciting at the same time. I often get excited by things that will change my way of thinking about things.


After secondary school I studied theatre at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU). There I came into contact with who I consider to be very important teachers. I'm still learning a traditional martial-art (from Indonesia) called Pencak Silat from Charles Renoult and I'm improving my singing with Alan Razzak.

On this course I developed another way of acting, namely the enactment of a computer system. Some of these systems have a big impact on our being and that's why I would like to reveal their inner working which are unknown to most. An example of this is how Google and Facebook manage targeted adverticing. Another new way of acting that I'm still investigating is acting online, not only on Youtube videos, but also as an integral part of the website.

demonstration of the monkey style


I started programming in Pascal when I was 13. Since then I've taken on a few languages among them are PHP, Javascript and Python. At the moment I'm looking at how HTML5 can help an actor to be present on webpages.


Some artist that have inspired me lately will appear here.


Personal Sites

You can find my re-developed site at the link below. It works best with the newest generation of browsers. There are some small mistakes that I'll correct soon.

Thematic Project Portfolio


Study Log

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