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Strolling Cat

cat vengeance

Booklet Strolling Cat

Psychogeography could offer the potential to broaden our theory and practice and collective reimagining, to see the city through other(s’) eyes, in an empathy that leads to action;to see collectively, past individual blindnesses, to name in full our oppressions, and overcome them. To overthrow capitalism. To create a new world. Salvaging Situationism: Race and Space by Andrea Gibbons

Through this game, I'd like to talk about my dérive as a foreign women'; encountering strange local men who commit the sexual harassment just for fun. Their interruption makes a huge difference between my dérive and the dérive of an italian plumber. For me the game making is a moment to share my inconvenient urban experience, especially with a game - entertainment media, and to take vengeance on unknown attackers.

In each hotspot, there is slightly different versions of Strolling Cat; 4 cat color + different catcalling words. Alongside of a game, the player can find a related image (or teaser of video) and a text.



- SI (1957 - 72) : dada + surrealism, anti-capitalist values. Radical political theory and Marxist Ideals. Against the dominant culture.

Tu participes.png

- Break the barriers btw art and everyday life (situation), like John Cage idea So artistic commodity -> Record of the event (documentary) => Anticapitalist idea also Photography also became important : art and life (situation)

- Psychogeography inspired by Baudelaire. The dérive(drift) is psychogeographical concept originally put forward in 1956 by Guy Debord's "Theory of the dérive". Debord defines the dérive as a "mode of experimental behaviour linked to the conditions of the society: a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances". The dérive refers to an unplanned exploration of the urban space, where the terrain, impressions and attractions of the city dictate the route. It may be undertaken alone, but it was more frequently than not done in groups. The goal of the dérive was to study the city, map its affects and manipulations, and counter the predictable, monotonous and overly functional urban design of advanced capitalism. The dérive is 'simultaneously a means of study of and a game in the urban milieu.'

=> For the same itinerary, each person experiences different dérive. [ Salvaging Situationism: Race and Space

The Situationist International A Critical Handbook

annotation on "Gender and Sexuality in the Situationist International" by Ruth Baumeister with naminami


representation of female body in mass media (as a tool in capitalistic society)

- representation of stereotyped lifestyle

- manipulating the human desire

- "PLAY" as a solution to find our authentic desire (creating and realising the desire / training tool...)

References from Steve Feminism - Psychogeography (may be useful). and

Dérive, Racism and Sexism

- The COVID-19 pandemic brought a wave of violent racism against Asian communities all over the world. Discuss how the good immigrant image perpetuates the colonial strategy to divide and conquer – and the need for solidarity among migrant communities. Anti-Asian Racism, the Model Minority Myth and COVID-19

-We, Asian Voices Europe, are collecting incidents of racism experienced by Asians in Europe, to be shared with journalists, embassies and anti-discrimination organizations in Europe. You can report your experience anonymously – Even if you do write your name, it will be deleted when we share the information with others. You can choose to reply in English, French, Japanese, Korean or Mandarin. [Asian Voices Europe] Survey on Coronavirus racism in Europe (Version 1.0) => Maybe, I would contact them to collaborate!

- A man firstly accused for Catcalling in Rotterdam

- A new petition against sexual street harassment was started last week by 19 year old Myrthe van der Houwen and the people utilize a stigmatizing image of the perpetrators; people of color.

- "At the time, in the '50s, the people who were buying cameras were mostly Caucasian people," she says. "And so I guess they didn't see the need for the market to expand to a broader range of skin tones."

Shirley card.jpg

- Every Racism App : Everyday Racism offers a journey to better understand racism by walking in the shoes of someone else for seven days.

- Hair Nah : Created by Momo Pixel, Hair Nah allowss players to customize an avatar who can "smack away as many white hands" as possible as they attempt to touch locs, twists, braids, and relaxed Black hair.(p. 18, Woke Gaming, Kishonna Gray)


- Darshan Diversion: Indian temples preventing women from entering, especially while menstruating, and hence diverting them away from their moment with god (darshan, as it's called in several Indian languages)

Darshan Diversion

Game and Woman

- The Domestic Masculinity of Helltaker : the image of tough guy can be changed. => no need of violence / meanness to demonstrate the masculinity. Yet, although Helltaker doesn’t really carry himself like a traditional woman-conqueringhero, even though he seems more interested in serving his “harem” chocolate pancakesthan extracting sexual favours out of it, his masculinity is never presented as uncertainor weak.

- Often, female characters in Video game are represented as sidekick or companion of male character.

- GamerGate : The treatment of women in gaming. The start of the story (which is actually the latest permutation of a long-evolving firestorm) came in late August after indie game developer Zoe Quinn and gaming critic Anita Sarkeesian were both horribly harassed online.

Depression Quest by Zoe Quinn the game “is not meant to be a fun or light-hearted experience.” It is, instead, one of a growing number of video games that hopes to broaden the medium’s subject matter with depictions of life’s darker aspects.

Lecture with Anne-Marie Schleiner

- Yet in Half-life you are only given one white guy everyman American geek guy to identify with. And all of the NPC researchers and scientists in the game are male. Half-life remaps the original computer game target market back onto itself, excluding all others and reifying gamer culture as a male domain. (Not that I didn’t play Half-life but I would have enjoyed it more if I could have played a female character.) (Velvet-Strike: War Times and Reality Games, Anne-Marie Schleiner)

- I find useful their critique of play within but nevertheless resistant to capitalism (and by extension imperialism and militarism), their architectural proposals for "player" navigation and transformation of urban "psychogeographic" zones (what we might call “ludic architecture”), their analysis of leisure and non-leisure activities, and their repurposing of Dadaist negativity. These proposals all have direct relevance to what McKenzie Wark calls our contemporary condition of "Gamespace.” (Dissolving the Magic Circle of Play: Lessons from Situationist Gaming, Anne-Marie Schleiner)

- Everyone can make game movement : the potential of games as teachers of alternative narratives and histoories, as challenges to the ideologies of hate, persistent inequalities, and violent injustices.(Woke Gaming, Kishonna Gray) " EVERYONE CAN MAKE GAMES! The post-feminist context of women in digital game production" (Alison Harvey and Stephanie Fisher):!%E2%80%9D%3A-The-post-feminist-of-in-Harvey-Fisher/947464a64b007716c225e95dada8ccb2355920bf

-- Rise of the Videogame Zinesters By ANNA ANTHROPY : Rise of the Videogame Zinesters is a call to arms for anyone who’s ever dreamed of making their own games. Anna’s guide to game design encourages budding designers to bring their unique backgrounds and experiences to their creations and widen the playing field of an industry that has for too long catered to an adolescent male consumer base

Lecture with Kishonna Gray

Blacks in Gaming

- socialising with game player: private chat => go to Social media (continuing relationship. Create a community) => be a real friend

- but sometimes hard to make a new connection, cause she’s black woman. => in spite of the anonymity in online game, still the prejudice against black women exist. => the digital world offers spaces of play and freedom in a post-ism promised land of equality and justice, but our experiences reveal the fissures found within those spaces (Woke Gaming, Kishonna Gray)

- There're few game developer/designer in game industry (while many black players)



fantasy console

inspired by TICO-8, but FREE (all the source possible) no need to buy a license

Tic 80 Basic

- With - -, like * in python

- Line break doesn’t matter in LUA language

Function TIC()

Cls() : function to make a first back-ground. Number = colour in palette (from 0 and 16==0)

Print : print inside of the game

Trace : print outside of the game = console

Spr : for 8x8 pixel sprit => spr(spr_num, x, y, 0, 1, 0, 0, 1, 1,) 16x17 pixel => spr(spr_num, x,y,0,1,0,0,2,2)

Playing TIC80 on webpage

HTML Here, when we open flesh game html Canvas ==> import external images or what game


need html / js / wasm file With HTML version, tic80 playing in mobile more stable




Tamara TIC-80 Platformer : example of using the map as large images : making dialogue pop-up

Bounce Bounce Cat


Wiki API


Application Programming Interface. Get info from A (site, app) and export to B

possible to get in query and parse

query : /api.php?action=query&titles=Category:Situationist_Times&format=json

parse : /api.php?action=query&page=Category:Situationist_Times&format=json

Read and Write with API

to read a content;

import urllib
import json

request = urllib.request.urlopen(url).read()
data = json.loads(request)


to write a content;

test = "hello"
out = open('test.html', 'w')

#or for writing an exported html content

data = html
out = open('test.html', 'w')

In json form, possible to choose a specific result with []

# data result : {'parse': {'title': ......
data = html[parse][title] #gives only the title value



Beautiful Soup is a Python library for pulling data out of HTML and XML files. It works with your favorite parser to provide idiomatic ways of navigating, searching, and modifying the parse tree. It commonly saves programmers hours or days of work.

#basic structure

import requests
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

url = ""
response = requests.get(url)
html = response.content
scraped = BeautifulSoup(html, 'html.parser')

For example, scrapping the title,

#real, take <title>...</title>

#take 'text' part, '...' of above

#exceptionally,  we could have '\n ...\n\' => scraped.title.text.strip()

Scrapping images,

images = scraped.find_all("img")
#or more specifically,
images = scraped.find_all("article", class_="product")
#or with class(".") or id("#")
imamges =".product")

#images could be multiple results, as a list => need a loop!
images = scraped.find_all("img")


for image in images:

ASCII Map proposal for SI14

Kendal We can lock certain structures and add links in worldoftext. This can only be done by the owner of the map, but means the artwork can be made by us individually and then locked by one person. meaning the bulk is done by us unlike last time.



- A. Harvey, Stephanie Fisher, “Everyone Can Make Games!”: The post-feminist context of women in digital game production “Everyone Can Make Games!”: The post-feminist context of women in digital game production

- Alastair Hemmens, G. Zacarias, The situationist international: a critical handbook The situationist international: a critical handbook

- Anna Anthropy, Rise of the Videogame ZinestersRise of the Videogame Zinesters Rise of the Videogame ZinestersRise of the Videogame Zinesters

- Anne-Marie Schleiner, Dissolving the Magic Circle of Play: Lessons from Situationist Gaming dissolving the magic circle of play

- Janet Murray, Inventing the Medium

- Kishonna Gray, Woke Gaming

- Kishonna Gray, Race, Gender, and Deviance in Xbox Live

- Shira Chesse, Play like a Feminist File:(Playful Thinking) Shira Chess Kishonna Gray Anastasia Salter Christopher Paul - Play Like a Feminist.-MIT Press (2020).pdf