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Brion Gysin and Ian Sommerville
in the early 1960,The Living Brain by Grey Walter --> 1930's -->electroencephalogram became accessible --> correct localization of the alpha rhythm to the occipital cortex -->"In a telephone system the meaning of a mesage received depends on the sender; in a sensory system the meaning depends on the receiver. When nerve impulses travel from a sense organ, it is their destination on the cortex which determines" --> how it is the receiving point that gives substance to the message, not the initial 'statement'
a phonograph-driven stroboscope described as "the first art object to be seen with eyes closed", and intended to affect the viewer's brain alpha wave. The dreamachine generates vivid images and brightly coloured patterns.
Gysin refine its design--> replete with calligraphic art
Patent(P.V.868 281)in 1961 --> commercial exploitation in psychic centres but not successful
exhibiting it in an exhibition entitled 'L'Object' at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs
Helena Rubenstein,a lavish patron of the arts.displayed the loaned dreamachine
William Burroughs, mysticism ?? It is through the malleability of dreams
physiological??(do they lack meaning) vs psychic reality??(do they encompass meaning)
'The permutations discovered me - because permutaions have of vourse been around for a long time; in the whole magic world permutaions are part of the cabalistic secret.' Gysin to Terry Wilson
The Process: 'I'll tell you one thing you really should keep to yourself: the World is contained in that Word. If you have understood, there is no other mystery. The Way Out is to permutate...'"Rube out the Word"
the dreamachine has the immense advantage of allowing us to respond to ourselves.
interior vision which had never been tapped before
Catherine de Medici (in French history)
alpha bads of excitation of brain --> within the alpha band between eight and thirteen flickers a second. -->dreamachine produces this continuously
the secrets of the unconscious
Kathy Acker, Terry Wilson, David Bowie
Gysin focused on the far less commercial literrary form of permutaion. in The Third Mind:The Divine tautology came up at me off a page one day. I AM THAT I AM, and I saw that it was lopsided. I switched the last two words to fet better architectural balance around the big THAT. There was a little click as I read from right to left and then permutated the other end. AM I THAT AM I? "It" asked a question. My ear ran away down the first one hundred and twenty simple permutations and I hear, I think, what Newton said he heard: a sort of pealing inside my head, like an ether experience, and I fell down.'
Abraham Abulafia, a 13th century cabalist, we permutate a word or phrase he proposed a method that leads to a transcendence of normal consciousness.
Meaning is lost and the mind becomes focused inward on the structure of the letter or numbers of the words, and thier possible reverberation in different forms.
Working with an extended permutation is best likened to listening to a complex rhythm that transmutes by the slightest of degree of each bar. The whole piece becomes a perfect mirror of itself.
a scale of senven notes = 5040 different melogies --> Gysin restricted his poems to no more than 4 or 5 words
The dreamachine was a device, creating pattern after pattern within the brain itself, turing image upon imges, light upon light until the infinite became possible
cut-up is a process which involves a deliberate abdication of responsibility and control on the part of the author.
my I vs my me --> the blasting of the personality so that it becomes quite 'other'??
The permutaion is self-inclusive and self-contained. Its use as a trance inductor is highly controlled
what you permutate you become --> psychic reality or physicality of the brain
"The cabalistic image of letters strewn upon the ground in a circle, being made to stand erect, and then to interconnect overhead gives something of the correct flavour. As you permutate you create the circle, wall and interlaced ceiling; you inscribe your psyche with a precise set of images. It is these that are explored and it is with these that entire worlds can be created."


Relates to early form of cinema as well as to later 60s drag culture
evoke to a drug trip
1958 in December, Gysin in trip; flashes of sunlight;
the visional potential of light
Nick Zinner (the Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
a nation of people glue to their television - ultimate way to feed control, that no central authority
Alter Image
calculable —program —programmer(hidden behind the name of control)
accidental interaction—>cut-ups
provoke accident —> dreamachine
series repetitive design
anything can be done mechanically can be done in different way
DJ Spooky: particle physics of language where you have access to the right code
Magical realism going on, Interstellar space, cosmic grounds , magnetic pulse
Kenneth Anger (Magician/Filmmaker) you never see two flame exactly the same
Terry Wilson (Apprentice to Brion Gysin)
John Giorno
mind crumbling magic
musée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris
poet and painter, and performer

Gysin’s painting

reinvented the grid and made it his own with the concept of the roller the Dream Machine and his calligraphic art

Sophie Duplaix curator of Centre Pompidou, Paris

Lggy Pop
The Cut Ups by Anthony Balch, 1966
Ira Cohen(poet/Photographer/Filmmaker)
Plat, a man think through
Katherine Piro & Brett Despotovich
Richard Metzger (publisher of The Life of Brion Gysin )