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Extracting from course description:
"Narrating the Photobook A three part thematic seminar that explores the narrrative possibilities of both traditional photobooks and exploring possibilities of the digital re-invention of the ‘photobook’ "

What is a photo book?? --> (Traditional)"to turn a series of photographs into a story" mentioned in course description "Photo books are therefore not only books with photos. They are also the expression of the story that a photographer wants to tell with his or her work, the unique result of a photographic vision."

Thinking about the media:
Physical book:

- Book can be a format to present in a completed way --> physical book, hard to change, remove or repalce its integrated content; it can be a good plateform for concrete results;
- Book has long life spam --> Sometimes we can be easily disappointed by 404 pages of online projects, but book, the physical format is a solid storage.

digital book:

- Digital platform provides dynamic experience of reading/navigating-browing
- Digital content can be generated and multimedia


-In my case, I am not from photography background, that's why I am considering how to rework with image and text. My first intuition is to use exist material from films. So maybe I could say for this photobook project, it's all about repurposing content.


-In 1969, Huebler issued one of his most famous statements: "The world is full of objects, more or less interesting; I do not wish to add any more."
-Be boring by Kenneth Goldsmith
"The simple act of moving information from one place to another today constitutes a significant cultural act in and of itself. I think it's fair to say that most of us spend hours each day shifting content into different containers. Some of us call this writing."
Retooling Huebler's words as, "The world is full of texts, more or less interesting; I do not wish to add any more."


"choice of paper, printing, layout, typography, binding and cover provide great artistic freedom to create a remarkable object"
The physical form and layout of my physical photobook is an important way for me to represent exist texts(subtitles) and images. In this book I plan to reassemble text and words, reader can read cross pages from top to bottom, left to right. physical book--> Four fold, Please check my prototype here: (roll down to the bottom)
- circular poems by Alec Finlay

circular poem

Finaly's work is an example of multiple ways of reading.

Digital format:
moving images
different ways of reading/navigating
I am considering add sound to this project--> sound poem.


Sound Narrative
workshop with Larry

Mind Map
workshop with Kate

mind map