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Is There Love in the Telematic Embrace by Roy Ascott
In this article the author poses a question - what is the content in telematic medium. Telematics is a term used to designate computer-mediated communications networking. The question of content is addressed to what might be called the integrated data work, and to its capacity to engage the intellect, emotions and sensibility of the observer. Observer becomes the creator and meaning is unstable. The aesthetic shifts from the observed object to participating subject. Therefore the author puts, at the interface to telematic systems, content is created rather than received. Content of a telematic art will depend in large measure on the nature of the interface.

Art object

Cent mille milliards1.jpg

A Hundred Thousand Billion Poems by Raymond Queneau
A Hundred Thousand Billion Poems is a set of ten sonnets, which is printed with each line on a separated strips. Since all ten sonnets have not only the same rhyme scheme but also the same rhyme sounds, the poem can be read in different combination with each lines. Therefore, there are ten to the fourteenth power different poems. Within the limited lines, the author created a large quantities of outcomes, and provide an infinite imagination. Here is a interactive version of it:
It makes me consider where the content really exists. The meaning changes each time the reader flip over the strip, and is always in a state of becoming in the readers’ mind.

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Combinatory Literature (literature as software)

and its relation to Conceptual Art (Sol Le Witt)

popular media

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Black Mirror II
In one story of the Black Mirror series, the female protagonist lost her boyfriend in a car accidence. She then tried to interact with him like he was alive through these social network data, but she can only talk to him through mobile or computer. Later on she found a way to manage to produce a artificial one with tangible body. The Tv series shows somehow a dark or depressed side of technology. It makes viewers reflect on real life we live in. In a dramatic way, this specific teleplay also shows me that within the same data, our sensibility and emotions can be largely impacted on by different interfaces, doorways.

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In a work from Roy Asccot, La Plissure du texte(a planetary fairy tale), he considered about dispersed authorship, interactive authorship.