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I looked at Gysin's dream machine, and went to see a performance from Pierce Warnecke Transmediale before, Sinn and Form.

I tought it might be a nice thing that I would try sth lively within this prototype module.

To view the original object and the moving images taken from this object - two different scale at the same time
It's lively transmitting, would have instant effect from one to the other

Conversational Interface

Put it simply that What I wanted to do since last trimester is a chatbot like Eliza which uses movies as responding feedbacks, but I am not sure if it will create the effect that Eliza just loop the dialogue in a way.

 import sys, re
 while True:
	line = sys.stdin.readline()
	if line =='':
	line = re.sub(r"\bI\b","_you", line, flags=re.I)
	line = re.sub(r"\byou\b","_I", line, flags=re.I)
	line = re.sub(r"\bme\b","_you", line, flags=re.I)
	line = re.sub(r"\bmy\b","_your", line, flags=re.I)
	line = re.sub(r"\bam\b","_are", line, flags=re.I)
	line = re.sub(r"\bare\b","_am", line, flags=re.I)
	line = re.sub(r"\bwe\b","_you", line, flags=re.I)
	line = re.sub(r"_I","I", line, flags=re.I)
	line = re.sub(r"_you","you", line, flags=re.I)
	line = re.sub(r"_your","your", line, flags=re.I)
	line = re.sub(r"_are","are", line, flags=re.I)
	line = re.sub(r"_am","am", line, flags=re.I)

	line = re.sub(r"\bshall\b","would", line, flags=re.I)

	print line

Mirror conversation.png
Once started, it makes me really wanted to continue to make it bigger and bigger even like above painstaking way. Well I understand should take look at how it works in a efficient way