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Brief Intro
(What) Hybrid movie is a video work prototype within which existed images and texts taken from films are been restructured by questions and answers. Those questions are extracted from characters' dialogues taken from a film, The Tenant(1976), and all possible answers are provided by other irrelevant films. (How) The clips are cut based on subtitles, and reassembled by regular expression (questions and answers). In this trial, I want to break down original structure of films, which is storyline and reassemble all the elements I took under new structure, for now it will be simply questions and answers. It is interesting to work across different films with varies images and texts.

The very first trial is quite simple that I plan to take all questions contains the word "know" and question mark "?". Then I plan to retrieve all the sentences with "know" from other films.
It is a bit tricky that I skipped to detect the 'real topic' within those dialogues. But for this part, I plan to check closely with Eliza Project (chatbot)
1. Extract all questions from characters in The Tenant
-- Through search


(more information from python re:
-- After taking all the cuts, it's better to get a up to date subtitle file together with new clips
2. Apply all the answers from other films
-- grep command line for searching without timing code

command line
grep *.srt know

-- grep for searching multiple subtitle files with timing code

put into function:
def function_name():
deal with different line endings: open(srtpath, "rU")

3. Make a final video as a temporal result