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Zigzag Structure
An unusual way of linking and organising information
- Zzstructures allow nodes or cells of information to be linked into list, cycles, grids, trees or all of these things simultaneously
- this doc, a compilation of information found in other documents and partly rephrasing of previous descriptions of zzstructures.
- as graph -> a kind of directed multigraph

- spreadsheet(by Bricklin in Franston) and relational database (1960s-1970s at IBM by Gonna Edward carter)
- zzstructure simply allows you to create arbitrary construction themselves but they still have the same rules in spread sheet and other tables
- hyper orthogonal
- how multi-dimensional can give us the same cells and units in many different arrangements simultaneously - so you can arrange everything the way you like in two or three dimensions and then create another dimension to which arrange it all differently doesn’t change what’s already there the other dimensions are still the way we left them

- the computer field is accustomed to impose into falsely imposing hierarchy and falsely imposing orderliness and regularity on what is not ordered and regular but has idiosyncratic properties and structures that going all directions.

- many parallels streams of events which meet at certain points.
- links(one way) x deep links (finally we see the origins of content)
- computer redefine the nature writing and the nature of the document

- sound-bite, shot

- representing each user as a simultaneous reader and writer