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Kenneth Goldsmith
Avant-garde film:

Uncreative Writing
Url: - Images of Shakespeare (.jpg), rename it to txt (.txt); open a text about Shakespeare and insert it in txt; Rename it back to (.jpg); - this is all language making it happen
- New uses of language now words are active and concrete ways

- photography makes possible the precise mechanical reproduction - transfer to literature
- Parse by Craig Dworkin: an entire book by Edward A. Abbott called how to parse; Craig takes this as a roadmap and rewrites a book using that where is the plural noun, he will have to put adverb then a comma and an adverb and another plural noun and a comma.

- Charles Bernstein - Transcription of eraser tape from an electronic typewriter; lift off;

- Caroline Bergvall’s VIA - alienated labor turns to unalienated labor - British Library, she transcribed every the first canto from the inferno; each line is text translated differently from the British Library.

- writing is political, social and judicial

- Steve Jason, entire comment stream from youtube the Nine Eleven video

- Panda by Chris Alexander; description on the web of Kung Fu Panda

- Mcnuggets by Chris Alexander every mention about McNugget on tweeter

- Holly Milgard, Gertrude Stein’s book, The Making of Americans, deleting repetition, and punctuation mark is retained

- Simon Morris retypes Jack Kerouac’s On the Road into a blog

- Vanessa place criminal appellate attorney

Digitised Corpora as Theory-Building Resource: New Methods for Narrative Inquiry

- re-writing freud

Unorigianl Genius