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  • Analog Sun Tracking by Johannes Langkamp

In "Analog Sun Tracking", Langkamp follow the optical movement of the sun through a 24 hours time-lapse video. A camera driven by a mechanical tracking device is recording the path of the sun.

video link

  • Máté Pacsika's Vertigo System

"it is based on the automatization of a cinematographic technique called Dolly Zoom, also known as Vertigo Effect named after Hitchcocks movie from 1958. Vertigo effect is an in-camera effect based on a really simple optical game. It’s a highly unsettling effect with strong emotional impact, often used to emphasize dramatic events in the storyline. The goal of the Vertigo System is to build a fantastic video archive of tons of frightened faces. "

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  • Falling Object Levitation Observer by Máté Pacsika

"Imagine a machine that shows how any of your objects behave during free fall, a device that in real-time transforms the final moment before landing into a floating image, then projects and archives it. The end product of the Floatomat is an infinite video stream of infinite objects."

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  • Liu Guoqiang

clock series

scan cameras