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fiction vs non-fiction

  • docudrama: "usually a fictional and dramatized recreation of factual events in form of documentary, at a time subsequent to the "real" events it portrays."
  • docufiction:cinematographic combination of documentary and fiction. It attempts to capture reality such as it is as direct cinema and which simultaneously introduce unreal elements or fictional situations.
  • mockumentary(mock documentary):"fictitious events are presented in documentary format. Portraying events at an ulterior time and using fictional narrative."
  • ethnofiction: ethnographic documentary film with natives who play fiction roles. Making them play a role about themselves will help portray reality, which will be reinforce with imagery."

Visual Literacy

the concept of visual literacy
Martin Scorsese "there are certain tools you use, and those tools become part of a vocabulary that's just as valid as that vocabulary that is used in literature and our language" --> "how ideas and emotions are expressed through a visual form" --> "to make an emotional and psychological point to an audience" --> "story can be rain hitting on a tree, leaves"


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