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Video: Movie Dialogues
About this project

Movie Dialogues a web-based platform encouraging participates to engage in a dialogue with different characters from psychological horror films. Participates can trigger the dialogue by simply typing in text on the platform. The related part of dialogues from different characters then will be extracted and be heard sentence by sentence.

An ever-increasing database of the soundtrack of psychological films is being created. Srt format file that extracts subtitles and timings from video will also be preserved together, which makes the dialogue searchable. Characters’ dialogues can be evoked sentence by sentence simply via typing in any text in the platform. Those dialogues from different characters can only be heard once after recall, and can always be interrupted by the participates typing new text. That is to say, the participates alway lead the direction of the dialogue but in the form of a ‘quiet typer’. Long duration silent typing is encouraged, as the more text you type in, the more story you can get from recomposed dialogue.

I always find myself have problem to process large amount of information, here especially I mean it’s hard to go through ‘full content’ of a subject. So I take the information on a general idea or just fragments to interpret it forming my own version of understanding. I assume this is the typical way how people/netizens process information flood online. Our brain now is quite accommodative to process in multithreaded mode. What’s more, we make our own connection and association among what we have perceived, have the chance to push the limits of original context and lead it to where we want.
To some extend, this common mechanism of information processing can be dramatically likened to how the characters from psychological horror films deal with the ‘truth’. The main characters suffering mental conflict that sometimes they have self-doubt, distrust, suspicious. In the end, a plot twist often illustrates the whole madness of the character, which exclusively provide the other side of the information, which we haven’t received. With knowing the whole information, people would probably turn one eighty degree to understand the story. This is the reason triggers me to make the work, that I plan to create a web-based platform encouraging participates to go in a dialogue with different characters from psychological horror films. At times the dialogue may make sense, at other times maybe not at all.

What will be preserved
At the end of the dialogue, the text from participates can be preserved and once participants choose to preserve their part of text during the dialogues, the recomposed soundtrack from characters will be automatically stored.

I need your support to:
I am asking for your contribute to the cost of hard drives to store soundtracks. These database is growing, and now the collections start from 70s horror films. Your contribution will also be used for server and better interface design. One important part is to optimise the mechanism of retrieve audio. For better experience, it will be research a bit more on regular expression, then finally optimise retrieving process. This part will go to some programers or experts.

Why should you support it:
This work provide a way to engage in digital ready-made, and with those cut-ups you can produce your own version of outcome. As a quite typer, you go through crazy minds, lead a story to where you want. If you are a psychological horror film fan, then it is a good way to review the audio in a remixed way. It may arise collective memories.