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Steve's suggestions:

  • outline your work at the start, what, why, how,
  • the motivation for this is the hybrid objects.
  • How did the hybrid objects come about?
  • this has led me to an interest in... [in what?]
  • what is your work doing, what did you do to make your work?

To Do List:

  • what chioces did you make?
  • why did you make them?
  • Take three works(tenant, shining, lighter)
  • describe how you made them
  • and discuss why you made the choices you did
  • how do these choices relate to the work you want to make?
  • To answer the questions above and also sort myself out

For the first year I had mainly worked with video assemblage based on cinema materials. At the same time I also look at works from [User:Emily/NOTES for Own Research & Resource 04|Robert Ochshorn], more technically and visually display video works. For the second year, I started to gathering footages online from news media, surveillance footage, Youtube, etc., and also consider how video re-assemblage can shape our ways of watching.
The reason why I make them is because I take the role as an active viewer as when I made The Tenant and The Shining as well as when I was proposing the MacGuffin. As an active viewer, I try to highlight the attractive features I saw in the material but not contains in original linear narrative. In the later phase, I shift to look at footage not only from cinema which are well refined but also from worldwide web and question how we see things through other people's eyes, how could I provide cinematic visualization for data online.
In The Tenant and The Shining, I see potential of oscillation in those long shot, both because of the suspensions that long shots hold and also because of our limited store for fast memory. Based on my understanding of the grant narration, I come up with the reversed shots shown together with original footage. It may sounds tautology with two identical content, but our eyes actually perceive an third understanding. This is so attracting in the multi-linear sequences.
Then considering about watching videos online, the experience bears similarities for me. I am the kind of person who would open several video windows, at times I would just adjust their volume but watching at least two images simultaneously, sort of doing live montage perceiving information in a mode that one plus one is more than two. So for the work I want to make is a hybrid mode of watching, and I want to create my watching interface to investigate how I could watch through other's eyes; how I information are mediated when I re-assemblage them.