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13 May

Back from Madrid. Trying to figure out how to integrate the intensive research lab on voting systems/statistics with project as a whole. Refining aims and what the outcome in Tent will be.

Tutorial w/Femke:

  • mimicking layout algorithms of web 2 print software, but with results of voting systems?
  • which decisions go into a publication? (only choosing the color is disappointing - doesn't actually matter what the colour is)
  • need to produce coherence between designers who are collaborating on the same object. (eg, rules for type designers to harmonize french & chinese designers for a full font?)
  • discrete elements that belong to a whole - how to keep visual coherence?
  • see: dutch designers designing an arab font with dutch design rules - rule systems.
  • see what ludivine did for - mapping projects of feminist artists working w/geography & location. what would be a 'feminist tagging system'? - worked on a set of icons
  • design not coming last, but helping consensus - iterative process, seeing the design & discussing it


  • voting in 'rounds' - knockout
  • how to get beyond comparing different systems? - no need even to do it, we know they will produce different outcomes
  • repetition - same group, same system, but repeating over and over?
  • daily 'ritual' format as in madrid?

what to show

  • documentation of activities that have happened.
  • pinboard of work-in-progress
  • look at bjects produced in madrid - shoving image, rotating stars - they get beyond just documentation, they give a sense of the process