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Interfacing the Law : The Autonomous Library/Archive

Build digital archive for the physical archive at the Poortegebouw. Create a system that is self hosted and that can service many different parts of the building and its functions.

The interface to the archive needs to be selective but accessible. The sensitivity of the data needs to be considered, allowing wide access to information that helps the space to many, and those that are sensitive to few. Adding things to the archive needs to be a clear but strict process. The interface needs to be simple enough that the method can be taught to others, but difficult enough that requires an investment of time and enthusiasm to the upkeep of the system. An archiving system needs to be built whereby the standard of the input can be maintained but scaled with advancing technology, and the turnover of inputters. The technology must be open-source, and well documented. The system itself must be documented and archived within the archive alongside all other systems that were/are implemented throughout the lifespan of the Poortegebouw.

Possibilities of sharing the information so that if for whatever reason the machine or its data is compromised that it could be mirrored somewhere else. Torrents, download dumps, offsite backups.

The system also needs to be able to encourage new creations beyond just conserving information. On demand publications, learning and teaching platforms, public interactions with the space etc.

Technological Considerations

Much of the technological considerations for this build can be a building upon my personal self hosting project. More robust systems will need to be considered as the system may grow quite large.

Input to the archive must be on-site and likely to be built though a command line style system. The interface for reading can be online, but for sensitive information other alternatives should be considered.


Interfacing the Law Intro

Talking back to the Law : rather than starting with the law and changing it, starting with research that pushes back. Questioning what is Authorship? (Foucault def. how to define an author)


publishing/public libraries in regards to digital content. Doesn't seem that this tradition has continued in the technology age.

The Brutal Intro to Copyright

Everything you make is copyright (in general). You cannot not have a copyright, it cannot be taken away from you. With some exceptions. This has become the natural unquestionable (bureaucratically) standard.

Copyright designed for individual ownership. It is linked to you as a person, and doesn't require registration. This opens up the question, what is a work, and who is the creator in given situations.

Now as copyright is a personal given, copyright infringements are easy and commonplace - especially in the digital environment.

Licenses are a layer above the "natural" copyright which opens up the possibilities of "ownership". Public Domain licenses are technically no attributable during the lifetime of the author. CC0 licenses still cannot get around individual copyright.

Some software licenses have been developed to get around the restrictions. They have not yet been perpetuated into other areas.

GPO & Copyleft

GPO license is a free software license. It has the Copyleft property. Copyleft is a property of some licenses which enforces the following viral methodology. This control imposed on it, is that you must keep using this license which allows use without attribution. This means that the freedom sharing license continues.

Libraries born out of the "public school" from LA. For now it is invite only (invited!). Aside from the books and articles, the community on the forums are very helpful.

IRC#ebooks #ebooks

Fun times downloading ebooks (sometimes not the ones you expect) from IRC!!

Tan Lin

Port Test

To test that my ports are open, connect to an external machine and then telnet my external ip and port.

telnet <myip> <port>


Workserve server for learning and experiments. Hosts my own code repository.


  • email
  • calendar
  • contacts
  • chat(?)
  • invoicing
  • publishing machine
  • subdomains
  • finish homepage


Attempt to merge performance, coding, and electronics (maybe some saxophone).


Create a performative audio synthesiser. Create an *instrument* that can be mastered and controlled, but now without its quirks. Most likely digital, so as to easily generate visuals. Options : Teensy, RaspberryPi, or Hoxton Owl board.

Software options, Mozzie, Sparkfun patchable audio board, Pure Data, or Openframeworks (maybe something else?). Hopefully can be played into light system like this. Would be nice to build something that can be controlled while playing the Sax live, maybe with something like this and turn it into something like this.


Idea to recycle the lights array built for an old project, and re-configure it to be part of a synthesis installation based around Euclidian Rhythms.

Tests and exercises can be found in my code repo (link above).

An example and explanation of Eclidian Rhythms.

Clapping Music

Openframeworks version of clapping music. Working.

Adapt clapping music to set a euclidian rhythm as the "score".


Digital generation of a book - either visual or text based. With the OSP html2print tools there seems to be a wealth of possibility and control.


  • Setup html2print
  • Experiment with html2print
  • Generate some content
    • graphic
    • text
  • Learn (more) bookbinding techniques
  • Practice bookbinding techniques
  • Learn (more) printing techniques
  • Practice printing techniques

Interactive xPub

Idea to make a modular Experimental Publishing Model generating possible publications using an actor, and action, and a subject.

Want it to be developed so that it incorporates the Speculative Publication, the process and somehow the archivability.

Working in NodeJS. Saves to JSON file to start storing scores and remembering previous gens. Not yet served on a public facing webhost.

Personal Proj

Create xPub inspiration cards like Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies

Interesting Works

Random International

Don't Follow the Wind