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Reload [override cache] -- Firefox

Ctrl + Shift + r

Convert mp4 to mp3

ffmpeg -i <filename>.mp4 <filename>.mp3

Rename file

mv <filename>.mp3 <newname>.mp3

Scaling + preserving aspect ratio

ffmpeg -i Deep_Lab_Exc.mp4 -filter:v scale=472:-1 -c:a copy Deep_Lab_Excerpt.mp4
ffmpeg -i <x>.mp4 -vf "scale=1920:1080:force_original_aspect_ratio=increase,crop=1920:1080" <xx>.mp4


ffmpeg -i input.avi -s 720x480 -c:a copy output.mkv

Cutting out a video excerpt [118 seconds starting at 54:06]

ffmpeg -i Soleil_O.avi -c:av copy -ss 00:54:06 -t 118 Soleil_O_Excerpt.mp4

Ffmpeg soleil no.png

Tmux // Icecast // Liquidsoap // Recording computer playback // RSS feeds

Make a first playlist:

cd /srv/radio
ls /var/www/html/*.mp3 >> playlist.m3u

Edit Playlist

nano playlist.m3u 

Playlist is here: /srv/radio/playlist.m3u
Bash script for liquisdsoap:

liquidsoap \
     host = "", port = 999,
     password = "<pwd>", mount = "radioimplicancies.mp3",

The resulting program is here:
Run the playlist, via icecast on Lurk
Start a "tmux session", make it shareable...

tmux -S /tmp/radio new -s radio
chgrp publicweb /tmp/radio

For others to be able to watch this terminal

tmux -S /tmp/radio attach -t radio -r

Start the stream



To detach from tmux, leaving liquidsoap [and the stream] running

Ctrl + b 

Listen to the program: