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After making this ( video with Anna-Eva. My next plan is to make a new version of this. A two channel version.

In one video AE would perform a song with a certain emotion, be it sad, seductive or happy. Be as persuasive as possible. (Either cover a song, or do one of her own songs)

In the other video I would set up a camera that records the entire set with lights camera and everything. Possibly from the back of the room.

Another version of this would be one without music. Where AE would just play with the viewer, in terms of looking into the camera. One video where she would continuously look into the lens. And one video in which she would portray a certain emotional state of mind, though without the music, and while staying within herself. Not looking into the camera.

All of these videos will be shot and then I will review them to see which gives me the most interesting results.

AE: Ik kan dus volgende week vanaf woensdag de 21e tot en met maandag de 26e. En als je het in het weekend vervelend vindt om te betalen voor je treinreis dan regel ik dat natuurlijk.