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So the three themes are:

  • Time
  • Escapism
  • Cuteness (Cute capitalism)

advice from Aymeric was:

Don't make the mistake of just sticking to the aesthetic side of the Korean Pop Video's, also include the issues of escapism. Sort of the dark side.

Now, the talk with Thomson and Craighead.

About the Beyoncé installation, might be interesting with different audio, would make it more disturbing. The glitchiness was not a direction I talked about last time we met. But definitely adds something valuable to it.

Interested in the idea of slowing down the korean music videos and combining it with Marina's talk about slowing down. Also interesting would be to re-record the same text with someone else's voice (possibly my own).

Advice to make photos of the aesthetic that I am interested in. Aside from the video/audio remixing. By entering the realm of remixing take into account that there is a lot of baggage that comes with it of what has been remixed before.

About the Music Video, The close-up framing interested them. Intimate, direct, emotional. Reminiscent of John Maybury's work on Sinead 'O Connor's Nothing Compares 2 U music video. The illusion breaking when she looks into the camera. The awareness of the fact that there is a viewer.

List of future research:

Gillian Wearing - Air Guitar

Kota Ezawa

Lee Bowery

Busby Berkeley

Morika Mori

Christian Marklay - Crossfire - The Clock

My ideas are very relevant in the way we experience the world. They will come back around Easter!