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The Artist Is Present

Marina's 3 sides
the product of the two partisan parents, two national heroes, no limits, willpower, any aim she put right in front of her.
the other one is like a little girl. mother never gave enough love. very vulnerable. unbelievably disappointed and sad.
then the other one who has spiritual wisdom to go above all that.

a form of art where the medium is the body.

core to the work is the shared experience of the audience and the performer.

Rhythm Zero is revealing human nature.
but what is art other than revealing human nature
how quickly people become bestial, if you give them permission to do so.
the intensity of the performance that makes it transcendent

the workshop Marina did with the artists that were going to perform her 5 historical pieces.
they have to perform for 3 months. they have to create their own charismatic space.
the proposition here is just to empty yourself. to be able to be in present time, with your mind here and now, and that's when something emotional will happen. and that's what there looking for. In performance you have to have an emotional approach. a direct energy flow with the public and the performer. and if you are there a 100% there's an emotional moment arriving to everybody. there's no way out, everybody feels it.

artists have to be warriors. have to have determination. they have to have stamina to conquer not just new territory but themselves. their weaknesses.

it doesn't matter what kind of work you are doing as an artist. the most important is from which state of mind you're doing what you're doing.
and performance is all about state of mind.

artist is present is like a kind of filmset. a huge square of light
in the middle is a table and two chairs.
and the artist sitting there like a mountain.
and looking you into your eyes.
for three months.

the hardest thing to do is close to nothing.
it requires all of you, cause there is no story to tell anymore. nothing to hide behind
just your pure presence