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  • How is it possible in a film/video : in what ways : image, audio, sequence, editing, acting, mise en scene, movement
  • What are the ingredients of storytelling
  • How can I improve my storytelling skills

Experiment with images : re-edit (existing) footage of “The Absence”

  • First : describe the previous work. What does it lack? ::: I think this piece is not too strong in telling the back story and since I (over)used the black blank screen in this piece, I think it prevents the audience to include themselves in the story.
I will be working on a way to use the strength of the images to grasp the attention and curiosity of the audience.
    • Which scenes should be included : As I was working on the footage of “The Absence”, I realized that without an audio track to synchronize the images, it was hard for me to find the right rhythm. So I tried to find the rhythm in symbols – only include footage with a symbol which I find essential to the story/When there’s no audio, it is essential to see the sound in the image.
    • What makes an image rhythmic/arrhythmic and how does it change the story and the mood?

What would I like to achieve in Storytelling with words:

  • Analyzing Tezer Ozlu’s style :
    • time is irrelevant, memories call each other, collection of memories happening at the same time + sincere + bald (slapping with words)

Physicality of the Image :

  • Introduction to the Dark Room : developed many images many times
    • double exposures
    • composing on the photo-paper
  • how does the medium help the story

Starting to collect the memories on cards

  • Blue : Text will be written
  • Red : Image / Screen will show
  • Green : Sound

Going on with re-editing “The Absence" – The Sequence of the scenes: editing should hint the reality and dream/delusion

  • How should the transitions be?
  • What does the length & speed of a scene add to the story?

Going on with re-editing “The Absence” – trying the audio on / I still think the work is unfinished when it’s silent

  • Ambient sounds : they can give hints about the story
  • I would like to include some voice over text

Writing text for “The Absence” : something that can complete the image + something that the image can talk to

  • would be nice if a native English speaker reads it :::: Ask Eleanor

Reading Sculpting in Time : First chapter : how can be an image made poetic?

Watching Mirror by Tarkovski :

  • most autobiographical,
  • the means of storytelling is brilliant