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Thesis Scheme

From next week till the deadline of our thesis (june 1st) there are 10 weeks left.

1. Write down and elaborate on my previous written log of progress this year.

2. Write down, elaborate and finish my log of progress this year.

3. Shoot film

4. Shoot film

5. Write down the process of shooting the film. Compare narrative with ‘Catcher in the Rye’, Tarkovsky and previous shot film on Schiermonnikoog. Did my working methodology, with regarding to my cinematography change from the written down working methodology in my proposal?

6. Focus on the input of the dancers. In what way did they improve the narrative and what were the difficulties/limitations of working with them.

7. Compare project proposal with final product. What has changed, what has remained the same? Why did this change or why not?

8. Frame of reference. Stick it together. Combine practice and theory and focus on its similarities/differences.

9. Conclusion, evaluation, abstract, bibliography.

10. Final checks, submitting thesis.