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dealing with wikis--Cristina Cochior (talk) 18:23, 27 March 2016 (CEST)

now there is ⤵

project proposals: In The Company Of Bots proposal draft ver1 proposal draft ver2 proposal Comparisons
experiments: Representation Of Bots hm /r/botrights
notes: hmm Fort Boyard and Hakka Tulou collection of relevant quotes ideographies of universal knowledge-notes
thesis: Outline Outline II

more of that ⤵

reading, writing & research: Notes on Writing machines Other Text on Method So what's the plan?
prototyping: sometimes i say sorry to my computer Notes on CGI Notes on d3.js Notes on using git Regular Expressions
thematic project: Tentative Media Object Unruly/Missing Media Object Third Attempt: Patents, an encyclopaedia of potentiality An encyclopaedia of potentiality
self-directed research: Notes & Findings Critique of Information - notes nOStalgia return to OCR
documentation: Documenting Lidia mailing lists Lidia documented

then there was ⤵

reading, writing & research: Sie wissen das, dennoch tun sie es Notes on Walter Benjamin, Jos de Mul Group work: Fingerkrieg More notes
prototyping: Project01 Film Gradient ShIFT
thematic project: First Prototypes Notes, Research Development Final outcome
self-directed research: Notes, Correlations, Brussels Notes, Thoughts, Transmediale Presentation

first there was ⤵

short circuiting the archive: Foucault and Derrida for dummies Anthony McCall Disappearing (f)act
prototyping: 16.09.2014 tabfun I am sitting in a room, and the wifi isn't working reading Toshi Ichiyanagis
reading, writing & research: Describing three projects of your own Describing three objects: media, art, text Discourse Networks, Friedrich Kittler The Means of Correct Training & Postscript on |Societies of Control through the Foucault and Deleuze filter VIRTUAL GRAFFITi
documentation: documentation as presentation Kickstarter