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Prototyping plan trim 2

Still very focused and interested in web languages! Learning Python has been great, but I'd like to apply it to a 'bigger' project, ideally something within a reusable architecture? Django?

I'd like to learn how to properly manipulate interaction languages, javascript namely, but I'm very interested in understanding how Java and Javascript work (together?).

I'm understanding that I am lacking knowledge in basic HTTP actions, like requests, downloads, uploads, and also understanding how it is decided that some actions are dealt with directly by the browser and others are handled by Java? Uploads? This leads me also to think about CSS animations and also where they are handled by the browser, but also as a tool to complement or augment javascript interactions.

Animated SVGs, CSS animations, these are also things I'd like to research as topics in themselves as they seem to be able to solve a part of 'the issue' with video on the web?