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Elijah Kendrick :

Elijah Kendrick became the CEO of Cassandra after his fathers departure from the company. Although Elijah doesn’t publicize his political views, he can effortlessly suppress anyone who stands between him and exponential growth of his company.

Idina Wintor :

Idina works with a team of public relation experts and social media analysts. While she is vigilant about staying away from controversy, she certainly has the necessary connections in a number of government agencies to shut down any slander for good.


XEN is truly a wildcard, a mysterious figure with incomprehensible morals. They seem to be a cynical figure who hates everybody regardless of their politics, but occasionally they might be in the mood to play along and post something that benefits you.

Alicia Ahmed :

Alicia Ahmed has multiple exposés of corrupt politicians under her belt. Her actions earned her a considerable amount of infamy, she knows her work is far from done, and will continue her work of exposing ugly truths hidden under shiny, expensive PR campaigns.

Alex :

Alex learnt that reactionary content thrives on internet and has been capitalizing on this since 2013, when he first started a YouTube channel. Each vitriolic post he makes not only deplatforms his followers but earns him more and more media attention.

Vilfredo Mule :

Described by some as a "guru", Vilfredo Mule is the founder, CEO, and editorial manager of Mule’&Partner, an internet publishing company. In 2017 the Washington Post recognizes the platform as one of the major vehicle of transmission of fake news in the country.

Petrovych Tkachenko :

During the economic boom of those years, the chairman of Tkachenko Fund Management becomes a billionaire. Since the, company has been accused several time of manipulating democratic processes, organising coup d’etats, and devaluing national currencies.

Bobby young :

Bobby young owns real estate company. A scandal drops in 2018 when one of his luxurious properties in California becomes the centre of an inquiry regarding human trafficking and sexual abuses. It is still unclear what is his legal position is right now: some report he is collaborating with justice.

Blueberry Pie :

Blueberry Pie, is a Finnish YouTuber, who decided to line up against Politically Correct culture to secure his position in the Youtube Olympus. After the launch of a racist campain, a followers shoots a chinese restaurant, waving a flag saying : Blueberry Pie army.

Paloma Cotilla & the upset mothers :

Facebook troll Paloma Cotilla embodied in a post, a mother who had just lost her son in a Chinese supermarket. Protests of worried parents’ facebook groups, against the supermarket chain have been shaking the Spanish suburbs ever since.

RadicalJane :

RadicalJane is a polemist who takes pride in confronting and distorting any discourse towards social justice. Despite all the logical fallacies in their discourse, the finances provided by their supporting political party are boosting Jane’s youtube channel at the top of the trends.

Leon :

Leon enthusiastically participates in spreading fake news to steer hatred towards migrants. His last tweet has just started a wave of hundreds of comments celebrating the rape and murder of a 27 year old women by an Ethopian migrant.

Virginie :

Virginie’s entrepreneurial journey is one of the most successful stories in the country. She's the 126th biggest fortune in the world, and she has extremely extented influencial power on most sectors of activity, including education, culture, and media.

@bad_girl_educationist :

Bad_girl_educationist is a unpaid online activist who gets most of her visibility from instagram, tirelessly working to privide resources and relay important information. She believes in network activism, and fights to create spaces for those who want to deconstruct themselves, learn, heal, and repair…

Appeal to the supreme court :

Not every manipulation remains unnoticed. The supreme court has noticed the shady move you've been trying to speak up about, and it is prone to stop it. For this time, the court is on your side, don't take it for granted though...