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Game rules

Original rules :


   3 CEO ally Cards 
   3 Lobbyist ally Cards
   3 Influencer ally Cards
   3 Troll ally Cards
   3 Whistleblower ally Cards
   50 influence tokens

Set up

1. Shuffle the ally cards and give two allies to each player.

(Players can always look back at their cards but must keep them secret.)

Place the remaining cards in the middle of the play area as the deck.

2. Give each player 2 tokens.

Each player's tokens must be kept visible.

Place the remaining tokens in the middle of the play area as the treasury.

Game play

The game is played in turns in clockwise order.

A player may not pass.

Each turn a player chooses one action only.

You can choose between different types of action, depending on what you can afford :

A_ General Actions :

These actions are available to anyone, independly of their allies.

1. Visibility boost :

You can collect one influence

2. New funding : 

You can collect two influences
(this action can be blocked by a CEO)

3. !!Cancel!! :

If you've accumulated 7 influences, you can take down an opponent's ally

B_ Ally actions

(We’ll get you elected ! ;))

If you choose to call one of your allies to action, you must claim that the required character is on one of your faced down cards.
~ You could be telling the truth or you could be bluffing. ~

Calling out

Any action can be called out by another player.
If you believe your opponent is bluffing, then you can call them out

As the one who is claiming the ally, you will not need to prove yoursalf unless you are called out.
If you're not called out then you automatically succeed.

The allies :

The CEO :

You can collect 3 influences
+ you can block a "new funding"

The lobbyist :

You can give up three influences to take down an opponents’ ally
(unless stopped by the whistleblower)

The influencer :

You can steal two influences from another player
+ you can block a stealing

The troll :

You can exchange this card with a new ally in the deck
+ you can block a stealing

The whistleblower :

You can stop the lobbyist from taking down an ally

Losing influence

Every time a player loses an influence token they have to turn over and reveal one of their allies.

Each player always chooses which of their own allies they wish to reveal when they lose it.
They can chose to read their description.

When a player has lost all their allies they are exiled and out of the game.