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Virginie’s entrepreneurial journey is one of the most successful stories in the country, known thanks to the success she met with her brand Virginie Group, which brings together many activities such as airlines and distribution chains. The accomplishments and net worth she has amassed in her relatively few years in the business is truly extraordinary.

Virginie is mostly known for the Virginie Megastore, but she’s also the creator, among others, of the companies Virginie Atlantic (air transport), Virginie Cola (sodas), Virginie Racing (automobile team), Virginie Magazine (online magazine), Virginie Trains (rail transport), Virginie Mobile (mobile telephony), Virginie Active (meeting rooms), Virginie fit (sport), Virginie Money UK (finance) and Virginie Galactic (space tourism).

Virginie is the 126ème biggest world fortune, and she has extremely extented influencial power on most sectors of activity, including education, culture, and media.

The lobbyist

Radical Jane

RadicalJane comes from a bourgeois family of insurers and accountants. At the age of 20, Jane already had connections with senior officials around town, one of which*, helped them with the publication of their first book :

"Declaration of war on modern decadence"

Later, RadicalJane quickly went on to be known as one of the youngest hopes of the right, when they start as the Junior director of the National Front, from 2012 to 2014.

Wikipedia describes Jane as an "entrepreneur, essayist and former French politician". As for what we know, RadicalJane mostly dedicates their time to their Youtube channel, twitter feed, and eventually, to selling some 69€ training videos on how to teach "manhood" to young boys.

RadicalJane considers that "our world is totally on the female side today" and that society is so "feminized" that it is extremely difficult to find male role models to follow today. Gnawed by a sense of helplessness, Jane calls out modern Western women for trying to castrate men.

Recently, a video titled : "Why white people feel guilty" reached 200K views. This video intends to "explain the reasons behind the deep sense of guilt that western people feel, and see how these reasons have nothing to do with trust, justice, and good will, but actually a weapon used by some to make us bend our knees, and above all, fraud us."

Despite the evident fallacies in logic and discourse, the finances provided by their supporting political party, themslves i close contact with the plateform providers, are boosting Jane’s youtube channel at the top of the trends.

With her unfortunate mastering of manipulative speech skills, this Nietzschean superhero raging against feminists will not hesitate to confront and distort any discourse towards social justice into speeches of hate and unfounded sceptisism.

  • accused of sexual violence

The influencer


"I’m writing for those who fight from the barricades of their beds. I’m writing from my neuro-atypia, from my phobia of crowds. I’m writing for those in small towns, where getting organized is a daily struggle. I write for all people who are angry but unable to get out of their apartments. I am writing for my generation, that grew up on social media.

There are thousands of us, providing free labor, working for "nothing". A work of social bond, of support, of speaking up. I believe in solidarity, in sorority, in community. We write to gather our strengths.

I’m also writing for those who think that network activism is useless : Activism 2.0 saved my life.

The performative struggles of social networks are an undeniable fact. Ego makes its way into every sphere, and so does its gangrene. But there is so much more than that. Network activism creates spaces for those who want to deconstruct themselves, learn, heal, repair… it creates spaces for sharing, discussing, creating bonds between people. A space to find resources, created by people who are concerned, knowledgeable : that is what activism is.

It's about making a difference from within. You do not fight only with stones, you fight with people. It is always about people that you have to think about, their strengths, their weaknesses, their traumas, their joys, their sorrows.

I write for all the activists out there. Those who relay, who share, who take the time to write tirelessly, who link worlds that would never have been linked without you. You bring as much to the struggle as this activist walking behind a banner. You change people. You change lives."

The troll


The conservative activist K. May Leon posted a tweet yesterday where they publicly rejoiced in the rape and murder of 27-year-old german student, Nelly Frantz, by an Ethiopian migrant.

Their certified Twitter account, with its 52,000 subscribers, is now displaying this tweet of jubilation in the face of this crime:

“Leftist Karma. Nelly Frantz was a 27-year-old German woman with a strong commitment to #immigration and #multiculturalism: she even starred in this provocative music video, “mix it up”… Yet she was brutally raped, murdered, and dismembered by a Somali #migrant. ”

In fact, their aggressor is not from Somalia, the young woman in the clip is not Nelly Franz, and Nelly Franz was not a pro-migrant leftist activist either.

Regardless, K.Leon’s post was received 5/5 by their 52,000 subscribers and started a wave of hundreds of comments celebrating the rape and murder of Nelly Franz.

Some even eroticize the situation by conjuring up a "leftist karma sutra". Others made photomontages by adding a fake “Refugees Welcome” sign to the photo of her corpse. We can also read "Burn the coal, pay the toll", a slogan of the American fascist trolls, ‘coal-burning’ being an alt-right term for white women in romantic or sexual relationships with black men.

Internet users have been posting photos of Nelly Franz’s mutilated body all over the web, as well as fakes news passing her off as a pro-migrant activist, or oh her pretense apparition in "Mix it up", claiming that she “deserved” the crimes committed against her by her rapist.

10 years after the events, Leon is still enthusiastically participating in this sordid post-mortem pornographic harassment, spreading fake news, degrading, and purposely steering hatred towards both migrants and people involved in the fight for social justice.

The whistleblower