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Visual Art -- Oliver Grau From Illusion To Immersion

Although many people view virtual reality as a totally new phenomenon, it has its foundations in an unrecognized history of immersive images. Indeed, the search for illusionary visual space can be traced back to antiquity. In this book Oliver Grau shows how virtual art fits into the art history of illusion and immersion. He describes the metamorphosis of the concepts of art, interface design, agents, telepresense and image evolution. He retells art history as media history, helping us to understand the phenomenon of virtual reality beyond the hype.


Arturodam Jan Smasom & Egon Kuchlein(Also work survey)


Max Luthi Fairy tale as an art form and the portrait of man

David Dunn Nature, Sound Art and the Sacred attempt to wrestle with the "grief of incommunicabilty" that arises through our attempts to both hear and talk to the world.