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1,Fairy tale as an art form, not just a genre of literature for children, how does it shape our expression to life.

2,What kind of role scale plays when we look at an art work

3,What is the connection between the invisibility and inaudibility of plants with our awareness of scale(also what is my point for the work)

4,What is the possibility of 2d animation on immersion


10,What kind of recorder can record the sound inside a plant? (Jez Riley French microphone?)

My fist idea for the graduation work, it could be the ´´sound of plants``, which could be an audiovisual installation based on plants´ extremely low sound generating inside their body. No like human and animal, plants send their messages by signals from their leaves, the sound inside, either is generated when the root transfers water and nutrition to the top or their organ is fricting, is just the sound of living, the sound of their growing and dying. Then I think about the other direction, the scale. Scale is a factor exiting in all kinds of art works, usually it is only a basic element the artist need to take into account. Therefore, for many art pieces, scale is the main character. Such as Ron Mueck´s sculpture(of course for sculpture scale is much more important than other medias), early installation Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor. When