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Ideology (draft)

“He is aware that spontaneously he lives in a lie.That the glasses will make him see the truth,but that this truth can be painful.Can shatter many of your illusions.” In the two films “the act of killing “and “enjoy poverty”,main characters in these films chose different directions. Build an ideology to bring themselves fake enjoyment or try to see the truth and accept that.

The act of killing

Both at the beginning and at the end of the movie,Anwar and Herman, the two main actors ,are directing and acting for a “fantasy,romantic” film —young and skinny women dance around green mountains and waterfalls,or walk out slightly from a huge fishlike building . According to what Zizek talked in “the pervert’s guid to ideology”, these scenes,which were totally fake stories ,are the “ empty container open to all possible meanings” . This container helps them to give their act of killing and torture a reasonable explanation to themselves, therefore they built a detail story of what they have done. They conveyed this “ideology” by one of their victim in their romantic film —the victim took out a golden medal and shaked hands with Anwar, then said :” For executing me and send me to haven, I thank you a thousand times, for everything.” The sentence Anwar said afterwards proved he was enjoy this ideology —“I never imaged I could make something so great.” Patients who come to the analyst to resolve their problems which they feel guilty,not because of excessive pleasures , not because they indulge in pleasures which go against their sense of duty or morality . On contrary, they feel guilty for not enjoying enough. To government , ideology is the most powerful tool to their people. As Zizek's words, “when you use a single target , such as jewish, replace all the multiple problems,replace other social conflicts,everything become clearly.” It is a favored tactic of leadership. At this case , jewish are replaced by communists. The ideology lead people (especially military )to fight against communists, and it is even not the real communists, what they fight against is illusion and desire. The illusion of that communist is the source of all the social problems and the desire of releasing the desire of violence.

Enjoy Poverty

Characters appear in this film: the director, the worst poors, the poors who know how to operate a photography shop, the foreign photographers, people from charity organization, the government. The government : Compared with the example of John Major’s government”all the evils of society were embodies in the conservative narrative in the figure of unemployed single mother.”In an ideological edifice you need some pseudo concrete image like this to fixate your imagination.and then this image can mobilize us.

the charity organization : when you buy a cup of starbuks, you also pay for the ideology behind this brand. Starbuks is much expensive than other brand ,but why people still chose it ? In it’s advertisement, it tells people every year they take one percentage of their income as charity cost. at this situation , charity is not just charity itself, companies use it to build their ideology ,to persuade coustomers , they are innocent."We are interpolated,that is to say addressed by social authority"

ideology is not simply imposed on ourselves. Ideology is our spontaneous relationship to our social world - how we perceive each meaning and so on and so on.

'Kinder Surprise egg' A quite astonishing commodity. The surprise of the 'Kinder Surprise egg' is that this excessive object, the cause of your desire is here materialized. In the guise of an object - a plastic toy which fills in the inner void of the chocolate egg. It always has to also work as an empty container - open to all possible meanings.

Violence is never just abstract violence.、 It's a kind of brutal intervention in the real - to cover up a certain impotence concerning

to be continued.