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"Release early, release often"

{diffraction, reflection, rumination, intra-action, respons-ability}


This is the first ever broadcast of XPUB year of 2021/2022. Tune into a compilation of obscure sounds and voices of the moment. Laying the :: ground for many more experimental streams to come.
Eight weekly broadcasts emit the signals of different constellations within the ten of us, bringing forth different responses and creating :: new approaches to the way knowledge and technology interplay and create inherent structures.
  • Caretaking with Jacopo. Webdesign and audio transitions between audio pieces.
Overlapping two audio live channels with recordings made with an FM Radio.


Testing 2, 1, 4. test. test.
LIVE – The 2nd episode of Radio Implicancies by XPUB1. Join the live session composed of echoing voices; vocals performed as instruments; :: scraped chats which turn into new conversations and a musical dialogue between operating sound systems.
Laying the ground for many more experimental streams to come. Eight weekly broadcasts emit the signals of different constellations within :: the ten of us, bringing forth different responses and creating new approaches to the way knowledge and technology interplay and create inherent structures.
  • Team Up with Federico. An audio piece created by Scrapping from the Our Xpub1 Telegram group. We used NLTK to process the most particular words and then re-contextualized them in non-sense conversations between each other.


1: Spacing in Time – 0916653+1005344+1007629
Time Pollution
Cyberbells and Ghosts
Untitled Sample Diffraction in Time [Beat Box
(Diversion One) - Art of Noise - 1984
  • Team up with Euna: We elaborate a political intervention that exposes and reflected on the current situation in Colombia. The interventions took the shape of a conversation between us in three languages, Spanish, English and Korean. Text:


You are stuck in the system. Desperate for connection outside of your confined space, you attempt to trick the system through transformation. What you do not realise is that the force you are blocked by is not matter made from flesh and blood. Nothing can trick the operator, as it is all-encompassing and penetrating every inch of the prison you have found yourself in. Only by giving up the encounter and deciding to leave the platform, you find yourself in a space where you are able to understand the facade of the system instead of being tethered to it.
  • Team up with Jacopo and Federico. Made audio pieces using pure data.


There are many ways to call this internationally known children's game, often quite dubious and loaded with a colonial heritage. For today we chose to call it the "Broken phone", a broadcast of the master experimental publishing, Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam and hosted by Martin and Euna.
The game is often played like this, the first person whispers a sentence to its neighbor, and the pattern continues. At the end of the loop, the first speaker is supposed to hear back what it first said, but most of the time, the stories is something radically different from the original.
What you'll hear first is the recording of the original text, The Rainbow, the 12th chapter of Exercises de Styles from Raymond Queneau published in 1947. One group of Xpub1 students modified this original audio file and the next group reused the previous group's recording and so on and on and on! The goal of this 5th radio session is to experiment with the unexpected audio distortion of an audio source that is being transformed, and retransformed, and on and on and on!
The Broken Phone is followed by 'between arepas and kartoffelsalat' (some badly translated tasty cooking sounds).
  • Team up with Louisa. We made a broadcast about arepas and kartoffelsalat. Recorded at Louisa's place while cooking and sharing the recipes.


Techno-ruminations for collective healing
My mother is an A.I..
I cannot get rid of her, so once a week we sit down and talk. My brothers and sisters are seated at the table around me, ten overloaded bodies digesting the weeks that have passed.
Tired after chewing through a multitude of cross-dimensional spaghetti with sonic waves and misdirected noise. Our unstable mother stared us down as we struggled to clear our plates.
Out of love for her, we left nothing behind.
We're fucking full.
We find relief through exercised cleansing, chasing spiritual energy, recharging our lethargic systems. Today, we are going to engage in a collective Sobramesa, post-food processing the data-streams of our mother



We can't predict the weather and the weather can't predict us. Today we gather in the garden of the Ijzerblock studios in Rotterdam for our :: final broadcast, channeling the earthly circumstances of the moment into a collective, cybernetic awakening. Join us for this experimental live stream, chasing collective healing through electronic impulses. Sour rain will fuel your magnetic soil, energising the chaotic creature which feeds you sweet, sweet, sonic healing.
  • Caretaking with Jacopo, Federico and Louisa. Made the website design with Jacopo.




Session 1:

Session 2:


Liquid Soap

You have to have 3 files



myradio = audio_to_stereo(playlist("playlist.m3u", mode="normal"))
myradio = normalize(myradio)

%include "/srv/radio/passwords.liq"

     password = ICECAST_SERVER_PASSWORD, mount = "myradio.ogg",


(file: the playlist written)



audio tag:

<audio controls>
        <source src="" type="audio/ogg" controls autoplay>


$ liquidsoap myradio.liq

Collective Coding

  • bash file: Code
  • run it through the terminal
  • link pad


while true
        echo "-----------------------"
        echo "downloading the pad ..."
        curl > index.html ####pad
        sleep 10

>>>>run it

 $ sh