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Hoi! My name is Boyana [Бояна], and I come from Bulgaria. Child of the 80s. My work life before XPUB was centered around digital communications, branding, creative concepts, and content creation. I do my best to help sustainable businesses and civic organizations do good by expanding their message online and thus connecting with real people in a community-focused space. Excited to explore further the human-software interaction, experiment with creative coding, and publish things that play with both, digital and physical. Outside of that, I am into hiking, sailing, and cycling (thanks, Rotterdam!).


Saw a random poster on the street that said "Life is randomness" so here you'll find random stuff from my new life as one of six breadcubies.


During our first year, we will explore, work collaboratively and publish three Special Issues. Each issue will be tackling a different topic (or an issue).


In this Special Issue, we will start by considering the word "library" as a verb; actions that sustain the production, collection and distribution of texts. We will question indexical attitudes that lean towards universalism and search for proposals for how we "library" our particular collection.

How are texts made new? How to make a collection understandable to others? What are the access points to the collection, and where do readers and writers cross paths?


In this SI we will be looking at rituals and their overlap with video games as a way to explore "forbidden" or otherwise lost knowledge erased by oppressive systems (e.g. witch hunts). Understanding (video) games and rituals as gateways to alternative ways of relating to Nature, each other and (re)production of life, labour, etc, we will play together by writing fanfiction and spells, developing rituals, analysing and creating games together. Candles, tarot cards and joysticks... ready, go!


During our first year, we are going to explore different programming languages, tools and methods that would allow us to develop initial software prototypes, and review, revise and enhance them.


Here is a list of the software mentioned throughout the course.


The Reading, Writing, and Research Methodologies course is tailored towards (further) developing research methods within the first year of our Master. By establishing a solid foundation of research skills, it will eventually prepare us for our research in the second year.


This model is also known as the Golden Circle concept, originally coined by Simon Sinek, leadership expert and author of the classic “Start With Why,”. The Golden Circle theory argues that many of today's most successful companies think beyond the practical, rational benefits of the products and services they offer.


Here you'll find a brief description of all workshops that I will attend during the next two years.


Paged.js is a free and open-source JavaScript library that paginates content in the browser to create PDF output from any HTML content. This means you can design works for print (eg. books) using HTML and CSS!

Queerying Wikidata

XPUB, Anaïs Berck and queer artivist/wikimedian Z. Blace join forces to explore automatic writing experiments querying and queering Wikidata.

Kintsugi Workshop

In the beginning of February 2023 we had a nice workshop about repairing broken pottery with the kintsugi technique. It was a great learning experience for me as someone who had to facilitate something like this but doesn't have much experience.


Here I will reflect on all the workstation skills that I'll acquire during the next two years.


Random moments from our life at the XPUB Studio.